This is the ideal time, in this new year that begins, to talk together about the passing time and his value. If there is one thing that Yoga has taught me is that everything is transformed, everything is in movement. Of course, I had an idea of what it might means before, but now I use this technique in life and this concept appears to me much more clearly.

It is indeed a technique of which we are speaking here, an attitude to be practiced. This technique is called ANITYA BHAVANA, that is to say ; Only the change is constant. The morning is different from the noon and this one from the evening. Although cycles are repeated, which may be longer or shorter, such as the cycle of nights and days or the entire life of a human being, nothing is exactly like the time that has just passed ... Running After a past love, past moments, wanting to recreate identical past emotions, is quite impossible.

What does this technique of change teach us ? It is like a watch to our handle that reminds us that time passes without ever stopping. Hours, dates, days change as well as my vision of the world. ANITYA BHAVANA is to conceive this idea and to regret nothing to live inside the present, accept that the time that passes does not depend on us. To detach oneself from the past and even from the future in order to live the present moment, because that one depends surely on us !

It is very important to understand this idea ; nothing is permanent, not even living beings. Like the waves of the sea, everything appears and then goes away in our lives. We now tend to run after goals in the future and forget to take advantage of the present moment. It is like a feeling that allows me to accept with pleasure the renewal, the change. This consists mainly of a training of one's own memory. To work my own memory so that she does not play tricks on me, it means she does not only retain the emotions from my past.

If I sit comfortably and rethink the day that has just passed or the week, it comes down to reflecting on my own emotions. We often have strange memories, very distorted, transformed, in relation to reality because of these emotions. Going back often allows a new look at things and then let the uncomfortable about it goes away.

Why keep everything when everything is changing, and when I am the very result of this change ? If one thing is certain it's that tomorrow is another day. "To overcome the past and the anguish of the past, we must recognize the Anitya Bhavana technique as one that will lead you from the darkness of the pasts to calm, to the knowledge of the present." And so the good old say "Carpe Diem" is still topical in this beginning of the new year !