Yogamudra pose


Yoga Mudra means "attitude of mind or psychic union"


  The position shoud be performed sitting on a flat floor in the lotus position or half lotus or simply legs crossed for beginners. We must catch our wrist behind the back, eyes closed and the back is straight in the start position. Exhale slowly through your nose while gently bending towards the ground. The more the body is empty of air, easier it will be to touch the ground with the head. If you can not touch the ground, sit correctly on your butt and stop as close as possible from the ground. Pull gently while inhaling. Breathing should be the slowest possible. Repeat three times in minimum the posture whit some normal breathing between the positions. Try to synchronize the movement of the body  with your breath.

This practice massages the abdominal organs and stretches the back. It is a relaxation posture as well. it calms the tensions. The practice of this Asana restores the connection with space, time and self. It is trully seen as a special posture in Yoga, as thru the body a direct connexion with the mind is felt very soon. 

This posture is not indicated for patients with hypertention and sciatica.